The renewal of the flat or home is a good moment for introducing some changes into it. People often notice that after several or a lot of years the design turned out boring. They want to refresh something, but they are not sure what it ought to be.


Autor: Jorge de la Llama

The truth is there is no need to reorganize everything. First of all, the budget should be determined. Not everyone can afford to buy brand-new furniture and renew all the rooms at the same time. It could be better to realize it step by step, beginning from only one room. Next, if the furniture is still in a quite good shape and rather new, not everything should be thrown out. Modification of the wall is usually sufficient. The same furniture looks completely differently when they are arranged against ecru or for instance green colour. What is more, the hues can create the frame of mind – the psychology based on colours does not lie. It is well-known that green colour is appeasing. That is the reason why some people decide to paint the living room with the use of a bright, green covering. Yellow is a colour of optimism, it makes easier to concentrate too. That is the reason why at many schools halls are yellow. Azure will be a proper colour for dormitory – it has relaxing properties. It is obvious that colourful decorations and some elements like tablecloth or carpet also create the cosiness.
Changing the room character and renovation may be a good pleasure for the whole family.

Children may help with painting or choosing some new accoutrement during shopping. Also, the costs do not need to be very high. The effect often depends mainly on the people’s ingenuity.