Articles with paint


A brand new stream in nowadays street art.

The art society is searchinglooking for a different method of expression. Today’s artists have created a lot of worrisome pictures and installations, lots of them are simple unitelligible for a simple viewer, nevertheless there is an interesting new stream in art – outdoor art and murals.People have painted on walls even many ycentures ago (for example we have very interesting and fabulous drafts in caves in the west Europe). Nowadays mostly we have got street graffiti (pictures and signs maked with colour), but many of them are only vandalism, however some have got a big artistic importance.
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Ornaments in fashion for design

Autumn is a brilliant point in time to establish some changes in our building or apartment. Tonight it is essential to talk about walls and answer the question “how to decorate the walls to achieve a trendy space and building”? The answer for the query seems to be as easy as a cake, but there are many opportunities to develop the look of the walls.
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